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CBD Buddy was founded in August 2017 by Alex Cohen and Siôn Griffiths, early advocates of the medical cannabis movement. Having both experienced multiple life-changing health benefits from using CBD but frustrated by an industry rife with confusing labelling, misleading claims and untested products, Alex and Siôn were driven to create a purer CBD oil, intended solely for personal use.

But the organic ingredients they were looking for were only available in large quantities and it soon became evident that their first batch of CBD oil would most likely see them through until old age! In a conversation to determine what to do with the excess, CBD Buddy was born, Buddy being the name of Alex's beloved childhood pet dog, a play on cannabis bud and a synonym for friend and guide.

Since then, many further batches of CBD oils and vapes have been lovingly crafted and new products developed. Determined not to cut corners, CBD Buddy's collection has been kept intentionally small to simplify the buying process for customers and to absolutely guarantee quality. Humbled and spurred on by positive feedback, Alex and Siôn's passion for natural healing has grown immeasurably and they're excited to see where their CBD journey will take them.